The “ME” right now.

I think this is a poem but I’m really not sure…


The “ME” right now.

  • I am broken with beams of light peeping out through the cracks
  • The cracks that remind me that I am human
  • I am human because God is perfect and he made me the way I am
  • The way I am is based on love, pain, growth, successes, failures, experiences
  • Searching through my journey in life for what is the path God has made for me
  • The older I get, the more I experience the more I believe in myself.
  • My soul is closer to figuring out that the ME right now is a work of art
  • I’m a work of art with imperfections and beauty mixed together.
  • I’m overweight, I may not be healthy – the ME right now.
  • The ME right now wants to learn to not be stressed by the outside world
  • Outside world is defined to be thoughts and people.
  • The ME in the future will be the better version of the ME right now
  • I am so smart but because I am kind, I might be conflicted when making choices
  • Learning to balance smart and kind is an interesting journey.
  • The ME right now is trying it’s hardest to be number one in my life
  • It’s a struggle to not hurt people as I try to be number one in my life
  • The ME right now needs coaching on how to practice what it preaches.
  • The ME right now wants so badly to make everyone happy
  • Everyone happy but not by sacrificing my number one status.
  • The ME right now needs to PAUSE
  • PAUSE and listen to the wind, listen to her heart, her soul and brain
  • The ME right now is SO LOVED and valued by many
  • Feeling loved and valued by many is fuel to my beating drums
  • The ME right now will forever be in my heart

And per usual…

Marisol says it all. XO.

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